Your Dutch partner in India

When you engage IT talent from India through BLOXX IT, you are assured of an experienced and qualified developer. But at a low rate. In a market where good Dutch IT people are scarce, it can be a solution to look for your developers outside the borders.


Although it can offer a solution for many companies to engage an offshore developer from India, many people still experience a barrier. They don’t know where and how to find good employees. There is also a language barrier, they do not know how to communicate their wishes well and it seems a complicated process.

That’s why we’re here for you.


We help you with the technical talents you need and take the entire process off your hands. We remain your Dutch contact person (with IT knowledge) and ensure that the cooperation runs smoothly. From an extra remote team member to an entire IT team or even a complete application that our team builds for you, we can arrange it for you.

  • A Dutch contact person
  • Complete unburdening
  • Experienced and Qualified Developers
  • A service that suits you

Hire IT talent from India? That is how it works...

  • Your wishes and needs. It all starts by contacting us. Tell us your wishes and needs. Based on this, we provide a suitable solution and can also advise you if necessary.
  • The right developer(s) After we have thoroughly reviewed your wishes, we will look for the right developer(s) for your project. It is possible that one of our developers will (temporarily) become part of your team, but you can also engage a complete IT team. And do you have a project in mind and just want it to be arranged, without knowing exactly what technologies are needed and what needs to be done? We will also arrange it for you.
  • Ongoing Support. We remain your permanent point of contact throughout the project. You can contact us with all your questions and we offer the support you need.

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