CoPackVision is co-packing software that provides insight into the packaging process and the various stocks.

The software provides insight into the stocks of bulk and packaging materials needed to produce the end product. To enable track & trace, all operations are recorded and it is registered which bulk or packaging materials are used in the end product.


What is CoPackVision?

CoPackVision is a standard software package that can be customized for your company through configurations. Are additional functions required in addition to the software? Then we can always add it. We have our own team of software engineers who adapt the software based on your needs.

The CoPackVision software is constantly being improved. In this way, the software always remains up-to-date with developments in the market and the software is increasingly geared to the questions and needs of our customers.

Getting started with CoPackVision?

That is how it works:

1. Implementation

The only investment you have to make is the implementation of the application. We help you to fully configure CoPackVision with your requirements and wishes. We also train the people who will use the software. This way you can take full advantage of all the functions our software has to offer.

2. Subscription

For CoPackVision we work with an affordable monthly subscription. This means you don't have to make a large investment. The monthly amount depends on the number of users and functionality. You can scale up or down at any time. The subscription includes support. So you will not receive surprising invoices afterwards

3. Advice & purchasing hardware

You may need additional hardware, such as handhelds, scanners and label printers, to make optimal use of CoPackVision. We help you with that too. We advise you on the purchase of the right equipment and can also help you with the installation and implementation if you wish.

CoPackVision and the General Food Law

Especially when packing food, software such as CoPackVision is indispensable. According to the General Food Law, all food products must be traceable. A producer of food products must be able to demonstrate where he has obtained a product and to whom he has delivered it.


When an unsafe product has been placed on the market and has to be retrieved, it is important to know exactly which products were unsafe and where they went. This also applies when different products are packed together. Thanks to CoPackVision, it is always possible to trace which products have gone into a particular co-packing, making it easier to retrieve unsafe products and to comply with the General Food Law.

  • Fast delivery
  • The ERP for co-packers
  • Also complex issues
  • Full registration from bulk to finished product
  • Subscription, so no high investments
  • 100% customizable
  • High quality for an attractive price

BLOXX IT advised us to develop a web application

We were looking for a partner for the continuity and further development of our Windows Data Suite application (this application shows graphs of the data that we measure with our measuring equipment). Our system administrator suggested to contact BLOXX IT. BLOXX IT advised us to develop a web application, because with this, data can be easily accessed, as long as there is a browser and internet connection. The management problem that we were confronted with by the Windows application is also solved with the web application (INPIEQ Data Suite), because IDS is installed on an INPIEQ server and not on systems at our clients. We have several additions on our wish list, which we will realize in the near future together with BLOXX IT.

Tanja Slyusar, Directie

Quality, integrity and flexibility

We work with BLOXX IT for some time to increase the workforce of our own software development team in the Netherlands. The software engineers are skilled and communication runs smoothly. We are so comfortable that we included a software engineer in our team which we manage ourselves, without the intervention of BLOXX IT Netherlands. The quality, integrity and flexibility make BLOXX IT a suitable partner for us, for both fixed price/fixed time and time & material projects.

Roald Horsten, IT Manager
Secure Logistics

We use the web application to our full satisfaction for several years now

We, Hantraco, take care of the distribution in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for a large Dutch bed manufacturer. We do this with one or more local partners in that country. To inform our local partners and to keep an overview, we worked with Excel documents on a shared Google drive. BLOXX IT came with the proposal to use a web application instead of Excel documents. We use the web application (Hantraco Registration System (HRS)) to our full satisfaction for several years now. All involved parties can log in to HRS and can only access information that is important to them. BLOXX IT Netherlands managed the project and BLOXX IT India developed the project, making it an affordable solution for us as well.

Frank Verbeek, Directeur/Eigenaar

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