Your team of developers in India

Do you want to expand your development team with talent from India? Then BLOXX IT is the partner for you. We help you find a solution for the shortage of IT talent. All developers we work with have the necessary knowledge and experience, so you can be sure of a developer who does an excellent job.

In addition to arranging an expansion of your development team for you, we can also help you set up an entirely new development team in India. We provide you with expert guidance and support in the development of your software.

What can we help you with?

+ - 1. An offshore employee who supports your existing development team

Could you use some extra help within your IT team? Or do you need some extra capacity for a temporary project? Then hire an offshore developer from India. Your new (temporary) employee becomes part of your IT team and fully participates in your project. Just like your employees in the Netherlands.

+ - 2. A complete remote team

Do you want to work with a permanent remote development team? We help you build a team that fits your business and works based on your standards. As a permanent contact person, we ensure good cooperation between your company and the new team.

+ - 3. The output of a complete project

Do you have a project in mind? For example, a new software application that you would like to have? But you have no idea how to make it a reality? Even then you can contact us. With our extensive technical experience and expertise, we translate your wishes into a complete application, which we build together with our offshore team in India.

+ - What if I'm looking for something else?

Everything is possible within these options. Not a complete team, but need several employees? Not outsourcing a complete project, but want to make use of our experience and expertise? Whatever your wishes are for your offshore IT employee or team, we will arrange it for you.

Excellent price / quality ratio

Hiring technical talent from the Netherlands can be quite expensive. In India the rates are much lower. The quality, however, remains very high. That is why offshoring of software engineers has an excellent price-quality ratio.

The right people for your job

Within our team you will find developers with experience and knowledge within all different technologies and programming languages. This way you will always find the right people for your job.


Hiring a remote colleague (or an entire team) gives you lots of flexibility. Need temporary extra help within your IT-department? Or needing an entire development team within short notice for a project? We make it possible with offshoring.

Dutch contact person with IT knowledge

Language barrier a problem? Not at BLOXX IT. At BLOXX IT you always have a Dutch contact person who can perfectly translate your wishes to your offshore team.

Get started quickly with experienced IT talent

Finding good developers takes a lot of time. Because we work with a permanent team, we can always connect you to a suitable developer within a short time.

Relieve throughout the process

Hiring developers from abroad a complicated job? Not if you hire us. We relieve you during the entire process. Let us know your wishes and we'll make sure it's taken care of.

Our technologies

Whatever developer you are looking for, we can arrange it for you. You can count on us for technical talent for any web, mobile or desktop tech stack.

  • Webservices
  • Applications
  • Android Apps
  • IOS Apps
  • Many more!

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